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Andy & Kristina live in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago with their two kids and three-legged rescue pup.


Kristina is a marketing pro and brand ambassador with 20+ years of experience in everything from small community nonprofits to global corporations. She currently works in outreach and marketing for a Chicagoland adoption agency.


Andy has over 25 years of graphic design expertise, designing logos, graphics, marketing materials, and trade show exhibits. He built Knapp Design, a successful small business, and designed exclusively for the trade show industry for almost two decades. Just a couple weeks after celebrating his 19th year in business, COVID-19 hit, and the industry came to a screeching halt. When it became apparent that his design business wouldn't rebound in the foreseeable future, he explored other business ideas.


With a stroke of luck (or as Kristina believes, a bit of serendipity), Andy reconnected with a lifelong friend who has a very successful box manufacturing and printing business overseas. Along with his son, he expanded his printing business to Illinois. Andy partnered with them, and Rock Your Box was born!

We want to help you elevate your box or bag from just a container to a marketing tool! Boost your business with custom branded boxes, bags and more.


We’re excited to partner with you and brainstorm ways to market your business.


We Will, We Will, Rock Your Box!

Call or email with questions!

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